***2021 Late Fall Hitting, Speed & Agility Clinic***





November 10  –  December 15 



 ***Registration must be received by 11/7/21***



                         Session:                                               Time:                   Cost:

  • Hitting, Speed & Agility Clinic (25 spots)         6:30 pm - 8:00 pm         $200  


Location:  Connecticut Sports Performance                     Ages: 7 - 12                                         48 Union St. Stamford, Ct. 06906




***EST Baseball reserves the right to cancel sessions at any time prior to the first day

due to unforeseen circumstances***

Hitting, Speed & Agility Clinic


Players will participate in drills that will focus on all aspects of hitting such as stance, plate coverage, level swings, load phase, follow-through, inside vs. outside pitch hitting, two strike hitting, bunting, and live batting practice rounds.


Speed and agility work will take place each session.  Coaching staff will focus on improving footwork quickness, running form, power, explosion, lateral movement and overall agility.


Beginner Pitching Fundamentals Clinic


This clinic is designed for those players just beginning or who are still early in their pitching skill-set.  Pitchers will participate in drills focusing on proper throwing form, balance, leg drive, follow-through, arm motion, body alignment and accuracy. 

EST Company Policies

Lessons -   Lesson time and location will be agreed upon by the client and the instructor.  If a lesson needs to

                  be cancelled, the instructor MUST be notified no later than 24 hours in advance.  If there is not

                  adequate notice of cancellation, the client will still be held responsible for the lesson fee as EST

                  Baseball is still responsible for facility payments.  Please understand that the instructors are very

                  busy, and are at times not accepting other possible lessons.  The instructors will provide you with

                  the same courtesy of 24 hour notification if a cancellation is needed.  We will make every effort to  

                  reschedule at a convenient time for both parties.


Behavior - Players are expected to be well behaved and act accordingly for multiple reasons, the most

                  important being safety.  Players are to use appropriate language at all times, as well as not have

                  any type of physical altercations with any camp members.  Any such altercations will result in

                  immediate dismissal from camp for the remainder of the session without refund.  Players must

                  also respect the different skill levels of others, as there will be players of all levels attending camp.  

                  Instructors will hold players responsible for their actions, sometimes leading to removal from

                  activities.  Parents/guardians will be notified of any issues.  If issues persist, the player will be

                  dismissed from the remainder of the camp sessions.  Camp fees are non-refundable.

Weather -  In the case of inclimate weather, parents/guardians should check the EST website under the

                  "EST News" tab to find out if camp will be held inside or outside.  You can also Like us on Facebook

                  and follow us on Twitter at "@ESTSports" for instant updates.  Inside activities will vary based on

                  availability from the small gym, the cardio fitness room, the weight training room, and/or a

                  multi-purpose room.  We must adapt to the inside environment, as there are other camps and

                  activities going on.


Refunds -  Once a player has started a week of camp or begun a clinic, a refund will only be issued if there is

                  a medical reason (however the first option is to have the player participate in a future session). 

                  There is no refund for choosing to not send your player for various reasons.  If a camp day is       

                  cancelled for an unforeseen reason, players may make up the day in a future session.  Should that not

                  be an option, the prorated day rate will be refunded. If you decide to withdraw from camp before the

                  first day, you will be refunded your deposit if it has been submitted.